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Hindu Temple Of Long Island

Our Mission

  1. Promote educational, cultural, religious and social activities which are consistent with Hindu philosophy and practice.
  2. Develop community service projects to promote the sprit of giving and helping our communities.
  3. Develop religious and cultural education programs and discussion sessions.
  4. Organize social, cultural and religious events and celebrate Hindu festivals.
  5. Promote awareness of the "Hindu way of life" based on Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam within ourselves and our community.
  6. Cater to the needs of the community in accordance with Hindu religion:
    1. If any member seeks spiritual help, provide counseling to boost their morale and self-esteem
    2. In times of sickness and hospitalization, provide religious healing by praying for our members
    3. Help our members to arrange funeral services and provide religious advice.
  7. Cultivate a better understanding of Indian culture among children of Indian origin in the USA

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